Scent marketing
The sense of smell is our most powerful sense directly connected to the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories. Aroma marketing is part of sensory marketing, the purpose of which is to engage multiple senses to give visitors a complete, multidimensional image of brand value.

Instore radio
Music has a strong influence on your brand perception. Choosing the right music in your customers can create positive emotions, happiness and self-confidence when shopping. Using tempo, volume and different music genres can increase your customers’ spending habits.
„By introducing pleasant scents and lounge music in our showrooms, we have created the ideal atmosphere for sleeping or for trying out mattresses in a relaxing environment. Thanks to the team at Muzika InsTOre."
Perfecta Dreams
Kristina Bošnjak, director of retail
"With the help of Muzika i to, we have created the atmosphere that best suits our club. The unobtrusive playlist incorporating the sounds of soul, Italian and Spanish hits with the scent of sandalwood created the perfect atmosphere for our players."
Matija Licitar, director
"Thanks to Muzika i to solutions, we save a significant portion of our marketing budget annually. A music channel made specifically for Decathlon is characterized by motivational, energetic and upbeat music that fully describes our brand."
Alex Milović, director of communications
"Thanks to Muzika i to, the scents in the hotel are great! Also, scent sticks are a great solution as they can be hidden anywhere."
Kempinski Hotel Adriatic
Jelena Vukosavljević Franjić, executive housekeeper