InStore Radio

A music channel fully customized to your needs. With carefully selected playlists that are regularly updated, instore radio system has the ability to add advertising messages which are controllable from the central system via a web browser or mobile phone. The system works on the principle of store & play and does not stream music from the Internet.

To make sure that every business has the right music, we have prepared 80 different playlists to choose from. We can also prepare a tailor made channel for your business.

Complete control over content with MIT addsite application.

“With slower music, customers stay longer and spend more while listening to faster music customers are buying faster and riskier” (Wood & Allen, 2012, p. 10)

“Customers were ready to spend more while listening to classical music” (North & Hargreaves, 1998)

“Listening to familiar music made customers buy less from individuals who listened to unknown music” (Yalch & Spangenberg, 2000, p. 142)

instore radio