Smart service

What is Smart Service?

Multilingual service that allows your guest to easily review and order services you offer with the help of a smartphone.

The service accelerates the
ordering process for your staff with real-time overview statistics.

How it works?

By scanning the QR code, the customer connects to the Smart service – without downloading or installing the app.

Depending on the location, the guest has access to the current offer and events.

Hotel room

By scanning the QR code in the room, the guest can view the entire hotel
offer and order various services such as wellness, room service, table
reservations in the restaurant, etc.

After ordering the service the guest
can communicate via chat while the phone call option is enabled at all times.

Restaurants and bars

Depending on the facility, the guest can review the offer and order food and drinks without waiting for staff.

Each dish can have a description with
allergens and a beautiful image. With drinks you can choose various options and

The guest can also call the staff to the table through the application.

The Smart Service is implemented in large hotel systems like Bluesun hotels and numerous smaller facilities (restaurants, cafes, beach bars, etc.).

“Bluesun hotels are always looking for new technologies in business, so we decided to introduce the Smart Service. In addition to faster and more efficient ordering of food and drinks, the system offers guests an overview of the entire offer and all hotel facilities in several languages. Guests enjoy using the system, mostly with sun loungers at the pool bar. The ability to view the entire hotel offer proved to be a real hit. Due to the positive reactions, we plan to expand the service to other facilities. “
Bluesun Hotels
Josip RIkić, director of the hotel operations sector Bluesun Hotels